Leeds Cycling Campaign in a media whirlwind!

You may have heard the news that Leeds was successful in its bid for a slice of the Cycle City Ambition funding: 18 million for a 23km Cycle Superhighway connecting Bradford and Leeds. This is fantastic news for Leeds: read here what the council and Metro have to say about it.

More importantly though, Lizzie was on the telly! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-23657010 on BBC Breakfast on the canal towpath with Jenny Hill. We thought she did a splendid job, talked a lot of sense and projected the campaign in a very positive light - well done Lizzie!

Representatives of the campaign were featured in the regional press commenting on the successful bid, while encouraging the Coundil to implement it effectively (and apparently attempting to popularise cycling in flip-flops). There was also some nice and balanced local newspaper coverage too. We look forward to working with the council on the details of the implementation: more details will be posted on this website as discussions progress.

Later that week, a debate about mandatory cycle helmets kicked off in the media, following a collision in Lincolnshire which left a young cyclist (not wearing a helmet) in a coma. Lizzie took part in the BBC Radio Leeds lunchtime debate on Friday, coping admirably with some rather nonsensical comments from callers including Calderdale's Councillor Colin Stout, who commented that since drivers might not be paying attention, it's the cyclist's responsibility to keep themself visible and safe. I'm afraid it's not available to listen again, but it was a reminder of how far we still have to go....

Then, on their first day back from the summer break, approximately 100 MPs voted in favour of the motion welcoming the Get Britain Cycling report. On the morning of the debate, Lizzie was interviewed by Bill and Louise on BBC Breakfast, in the studio this time. Let's hope it all calms down now and we can get some proper campaigning work done!