Leeds Cycling Campaign statement regarding Dick Lane and Grange Avenue


You may have seen some discussions on social media regarding a junction on the currently in construction on the cycle superhighway.



After much discussion, there was a response from CityConnect.



Thanks for all the comments on the junction off Dick Lane, we appreciate the time taken to let us know your views and...

Posted by Cityconnect on Monday, 18 May 2015


The Leeds Cycling Campaign response is below.


The level of involvement that Leeds Cycling Campaign has had during the design process of the CityConnect project has been very refreshing. As soon as the Cycling Cities Ambtion bid was successful the CityConnect team were keen to hear our views and it was clear that they want the project to be as good and as successful as possible. We have been involved both at the formal advisory board level, and additionally in an informal design consultation capacity.

The side road crossing treatments were agreed on very early in the project, and cycle track/lane priority over the side roads was an integral part of this. It appeared from the consultation drawings that this priority had been preserved and we would not have endorsed a design which did not feature this priority. 

To suggest that the design has in any way been 'signed off' by Leeds Cycling Campaign, is at best disingenuous. We have engaged purely in an advisory capacity and the one thing that we didn't want to happen by engaging so wilfully in the process was to be used as a tool to justify bad design. 

Thanks to the power of social media it is great that this deficient design has been highlighted at a time when it can be changed easily. We look forward to using an improved design when implemented.


Martin Stanley

Chair, Leeds Cycling Campaign