Cycle Forum Subgroup 11/05/2016

We generally would like 5 or so campaign members to attend so to give a complete view. Please email if you are able to attend on behalf of the campaign.

Agenda for this meeting is as follows: (available as a pdf here: )

1: City Connect 2 Standard Details, Andrew Norman will outline “standard details” applied by designers when preparing the scheme drawings. These have been updated from those used for City Connect 1

2: Regent Street Potential Remedial Scheme, Simon Tidswell will discuss existing design arrangements and potential alternatives to address cycle casualties particularly at side roads

3: Surface Dressing Scheme Potential Cycle Lanes, Nick Hunt will respond to comments provided by cyclists.

4: DfT Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, Gwyn Owen will lead discussion.

5: Eastgate Roundabout/John Lewis, Tim Parry will update with latest drawings.

6: Castleford Greenway, Tim Parry will explain that this Wakefield scheme crosses the boundary into Leeds and will outline proposals.

UPDATE: Summary of discussion

Martin Stanley, Will Crocombe, John Salisbury, and Rob Greenland attended on behalf of the campaign.

1: Andy Norman was not available so this will be moved to a future session.

2: Regent Street remedial scheme. We were shown casualty data (which we will be getting a copy of) which showed there is a real problem with cycling casualties on Regent Street, since the new infrastructure was installed. Main problems were located on the southbound carriageway. We discussed improving the side road crossings by continuing the kerb lines across the junctions to make it clearer who has priority. There was also a concentrated problem with drivers turning right onto Hope Road and colliding with cyclists using the soutbound cycle lane. To remedy this, a trial right turn ban is to be investigated. Rob Greenland is going to elaborate further on this scheme and this will be published in due course.

3: Surface dressing schemes incorporating cycle lanes: The comments that were collected by the campaign regarding surface dressing schemes were discussed. There is a limit to what these schemes can achieve for cycling, and on road cycle lanes is not something we would normally endorse. However, while on road lanes are not going to tempt anyone new into cycling, they could improve the roads for existing cyclists. A set of standards were agreed on, no cycle lanes less than 1.5m width, and they should be edged with a solid white line. In areas where a 1.5m lane could not be accommodated, 4.5m inside lane, and 3.0m outside lane was proposed.

4: Gwyn Owen discussed the Council's response to the DfT Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy, the Campaign will be producing their own response too.

5: Eastgate roundabout: Despite John Lewis' supposed green credentials, they are not demonstrating them with the design of their store. Access to the store is via Toucan crossings. Not all is negative though, there are long term aspirations for pedestrianisation of several areas around the store, including Eastgate and in front of the WY Playhouse. Essentially, this is a fight for another day.

6: Castleford Greenway: Just information presented. As part of the Wakefield Cycle Cities Ambition Funding, there should be a greenway running from Wakefield to Castleford. There is a proposal to link to the Transpennine Trail, which Leeds City Council will progress.

Wednesday, 11 May, 2016
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