Social Rides

The bicycle is very efficient at getting us from A to B in our local area and we campaign to make those journeys for commuting, visiting, shopping and getting to functions more convenient, safe and pleasurable by lobbying the powers that be.

LCC also runs a series of social cycle rides, starting with short Easy Riders to encourage new unconfident cyclists going up to Long rides which venture into the surrounding countryside.  If you are only used to commuting every day on your own, fighting the traffic and the fumes, you will find group riding a welcome change, not only with the draughting effect pulling you along, but also the psychological effect of the group, and encouragement you get from likeminded people.  If your fitness improves then that can only help your confidence on the daily commute.

All rides have one or two café stops (sometimes even three) and we ensure that no-one is left behind. The longer rides are designed to be pleasurable as there is no racing cycling element. Although we sometimes use Sustrans off road routes and muddy bridleways we do not put on any mountain bike rides.  Children can only come on a ride if they are accompanied by an adult.

You are welcome to try out the rides by just turning up at the start point and introducing yourself.  You will have to join LCC as a member for insurance purposes after you have been on two rides.


On Saturdays we have Easy Riders (from 12 to 15 miles).  Currently these have two start points: the urban rides start in the City Centre and the sub-urban ones at Roundhay Park.  For more information on this click the relevant link below:

Easy Rides (including Urban Easy Rides)

Roundhay Easy Rides


On Sundays we have Intermediate Rides (35 miles) and Long Rides (from 40 to 80 miles)

Intermediate and Long Rides


We also have occasional Midweek Rides of varying lengths, often on a Tuesday.  To check when these are happening and arrangements for meeting up, please check the Rides Calendar mentioned in the first link below.


Ride Calendars

Click here (new window) for the Rides Calendar showing all rides including Easyriders

Click here (new window) for just the Intermediate and Long Rides in a spreadsheet form


We have developed some general Guidance for Riders which applies to all rides listed above.  If you have any questions please ask your ride leader next time you go on a ride.