Easy Ride Report - Beeston Hill and Venus - Saturday 19 June 2021

GOOD EASY RIDE on Saturday!

STARTING at the chessboards outside the Art Gallery as always, we cycled up past the Leeds Arena, the Pedallers Arms bicycle workshop, the Cycle Superhighway and East End Park.  At Hunslet we were shown the magnificent interiors of the Garden Gate, beautiful tiles.  Our refreshment stop was at Venus which now has excellent outdoor seating as well as the menu of superb value Turkish food.

Join us again next Saturday morning for another Easy Ride to help in particular those new to or returning to cycling.


Amiens en Vélo

One of our members, Tony Read, recently visited Amiens. This is his cycle orientated account.

Amiens in a large city in northern France.  It’s the capital of Picardy and just south of all the Somme battlefields that were so bitterly contested a hundred years ago.  Population wise it’s somewhat smaller than Leeds and not so spread out; however like Leeds it has quite a large city centre.  In spent a few days there in early December.  I had a bike with me and it was interesting to compare cycling there and in Leeds.

Goodbye Google - Hello Ecosia

As probably all of us know by now, Google does not pay its fair share of tax, and does many other evil things like spying on us and manipulating search results.

However, good news!  There are many other search engines out there to use, for example Yandex and Baidu, but one of particular interest is Ecosia.  Not only does Ecosia produce excellent search results, it has a strong environmental ethos - it donates 80% of its surplus income to the common good.  Currently it is focussing on tree planting.


At several sites in Leeds we have a branch of one of the best bicycle shops - Aldi.

They often have promotions of cycle coats, gloves, tinted glass etc.

Prices of their cycle merchandise are just outstanding compared to the prices found in 'normal' bicycle shops.

Normally commerialism is not mentioned often by LCC, but the fantastic value of cycling gear at Aldi just has to be highlighted.

Diwali - Lights

Today is Diwali - Festival of Lights - so is the perfect time to focus on having good lights.

Sunset is around 4 now so November is the ideal time to review the lights you have, check the condition of them, always make sure to have lights with you and consider what type is best.

Seeing the lights of other cyclists on the road is a good way of considering what are good lights, and you can ask other people for their experiences too such as how easy they are to recharge with batteries or a USB connection.

Ride Report - Bradford / Dewsbury Triangle (15th March 2015)

Bradford – Dewsbury Triangle

This ride of 11 people had a mix of old and new faces (both in terms of age and experience cycling with the LCC rides).  Navigator was Steven, Steve Jones helpfully took some photos as usual.

Firstly we set off along the canal towpath.  The city centre to Kirkstall part is smooth and pleasant as we knew, it was the new surface between Kirkstall and Rodley that we wanted to investigate.