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Merrion Centre chaos

Woodhouse Lane next to the Merrion Centre. A prime example of the "bus lane dither" - you can go to the right of the island, in the bus lane, which might be blocked by buses. Or stay to the left, with taxis pulling in and out of the car park and Morrisons entrance.

Ugly roadworks

When the council (or whoever) do roadworks and have to block off lanes or roads, they tend to think about where traffic will go instead. Not for cyclists. No, you can just get off and walk. Or veer into traffic with not much warning. Almost seems like nobody who put these cones and signs up has ever ridden a bike.

Wait a minute...

That looks like a half-decent cycle lane! Resonably wide, painted over the side road mouths and with a buffer zone to make it feel more comfortable!

Yep, that's cos it's not in Leeds. This is central Lancaster.