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Route to nowhere?

   Where does this cycle lane go? The road is 2 lanes of traffic in the opposite direction. The pavement is a main pedestrian route into the city centre.

   As I passed, a bus and lorry came up the road, side by side with the lorry closest to the cycle lane. I yelped.





   Here's the bit before the above. Looks promising (apart from the oncoming traffic inches away).

Snowy cycle lane

 Cycle lane still covered in ice days after the adjacent carriageway has been cleared. Makes you feel wanted doesn't it.

And another one. Road clear, pavement clear, cycle lane...still icy.


Lizzie's Commute

Ever wondered what keeps Lizzie motivated? Here are some highlights from her lovely, convenient, safe commute, just 5 miles into Leeds.

Sorry, did I say lovely, convenient and safe? I meant irritating, meandering, and alternately muddy and petrifying.