Ride Report - Castleford (8th March 2015)

Castleford (28 miles), started 9.30am City Square (Photos here)

Steven S led just four comrades – there was another cycling event on in Leeds this morning to compete with.   Rob the cycle-friendly train driver was also there at the start to give us support.

The Lines  At Allerton Bywater we used another section of The Lines, a nice cycle path – see our photos.

Ride Report - Sherburn (1st March 2015)

Sherburn (25 miles), started 9.30am City Square

Steven S stepped in to cover for Jon F who was ill.  Nine of us met by the Black Prince statue.

Storm and Zig-zag  The bridge over the Aire at Bridgewater Place was closed due to the stormy conditions so we crossed at Crown Point bridge instead.  Then after re-crossing by the glass factory we used our favourite little zig-zag link to get up to Cross Green.

Anyone for gardening?

If you are planning on trying to get to Headingley train station you might want to bring a hedge trimmer. This is shared-space, although the pedestrian bit has been eaten by plants - which means cyclists are on the grass. Doesn't look like this has seen any love in a long while.

Thanks to Sav for this.

Welcome to Leeds

You arrive at one of the UK's premiere cities - on your bike (obviously) and having coped with finding space on a train - and emerge from the station. Across the Styx that is The Loop you see some cycle infrastructure - hurrah! But no, this part is actually a pond, haven for frogs, small fish and the occasional submerged cycle shoe. It is certainly a semi-permanent feature, I wonder if the council might do something about it?

Thanks to Sav for this.

Proposals to relocate the South Parade road closure: our response

Leeds Cycling Campaign recently wrote to the Council to object to a proposal to change a road closure on South Parade in Headingley.

We argued that the proposal to relocate the closure will re-provide a rat run along Derwentwater Terrace and Ash Road – very similar to the situation prior to installation of the current temporary closure, when the rat run was up Ash Gardens to Ash Road.