Email Exchange With Tom Riordan, Chief Exec Leeds City Council, About NGT And Cycling In Leeds

Hi Tom,

Leeds Cyclists had our second detailed look at the NGT plans last night. It was genuinely encouraging to see how your people had taken on board the serious misgivings we raised at the Cycle Consultation Forum of the week prior. They seem to be 'getting our drift' now and considering changing plans to address specific concerns.

Where they are limited though is that they are clearly working within a wider framework, dictated I think by DfT, but also by the policies of LCC. They have been open and honest on the hierarchy of NGT design, which is:

Lizzie's Commute

Ever wondered what keeps Lizzie motivated? Here are some highlights from her lovely, convenient, safe commute, just 5 miles into Leeds.

Sorry, did I say lovely, convenient and safe? I meant irritating, meandering, and alternately muddy and petrifying.