A meeting with the police, June 2014

Last autumn I met with the Chief Inspector Mark Bownass and Sgt Tom Butler of West Yorkshire’s Road Policing Unit to discuss the reporting of cycle incidents and how the police handle them. You can read all about it here but the upshot was that Mark agreed to try to improve the response of the police 101 call centre and also confirmed that video footage, if of good enough quality, was perfectly acceptably as evidence.

Cookridge Street

So you may have already read our explanation of the Cookridge Street controflow. What we've ended up with is sort-of-OK, but it only works if there aren't vehicles blocking it! In our opinion, physical separation (armadilloes or bollards) would improve the situation... oh wait, the Council can't do that cos they'd have to remove some car parking spaces... there's a multistorey car park about 20 metres away.

Merrion Centre chaos

Woodhouse Lane next to the Merrion Centre. A prime example of the "bus lane dither" - you can go to the right of the island, in the bus lane, which might be blocked by buses. Or stay to the left, with taxis pulling in and out of the car park and Morrisons entrance.