A-frame splits up family

A photo of handlebars not able to fit through an A-frame


A lovely A Frame on The Lines in Allerton Bywater near to the Millienium village. Unable to get my cycle though, could do it if I was willing to wrench my gear levers off. Really stupidly placed as my young 5 year old whizzed through, whilst I ended up having to cycle round the block to catch up. Luckily my eldest daughters cycle did fit through and she could catch her little sister!


Don't we all love to see that word END. The people who paint it, and the planners who inscribe it on the plans - what do they think they're saying to cyclists? Good luck, now you're on your own... Sorry mate, there isn't room for you here - have to make space for two lanes of vehicles who probably won't leave enough room for you as they try to overtake. I tend to see it and think "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here".