Cycling in the city centre - worse than we thought.

This fine sunny spring evening a group of us decided to try out cycling around the centre of Leeds. The idea was to do the sort of thing a normal human might want to do in this fine city - go to the train station, bus station, and visit the splendid Peddalers' Arms ('cos it's great) - on a bike. To be honest our expectations weren't that great. Most of us already had some experience of cycling in Leeds and had a fair idea of the sort of issues we might face.

Poynton's magic roundabout designer comes to Leeds

This evening, Ben Hamilton-Baillie talked at Leeds Met Rose Bowl about cutting edge street design - cars, cyclists, pedestrians, junctions and the need to rethink the best way of mixing all these together in both a functional and elegant way. His approach is to do away with all the usual paraphernalia of paint, signals, signs etc and replace all this with...well, nothing really. Perhaps a bit of subtle paving to hint at some shapes, but that's it.

Early Day Motion no. 679: Get Britain Cycling!

A very sensible and positive Early Day Motion has been proposed, so let's ask our local MPs to give their voices to the cycling cause. An EDM is a way for MPs to sign up to a cause and show their support for it in parliament. It doesn't normally lead to anything, but as you can see from the list below, it's a good way of finding out whether your MP is cycle-friendly.