Manchester leaves Leeds languishing

Manchester is to get a Dutch style solution to a very busy and dangerous junction. The 2000 cyclists a day using the route will be able to choose from using the road, or a segregated cycle lane. There will be a dedicated signal phase to give cyclists time to make their turns. Read all about it (and possible weep) here:

Bikes on trains: left in the lurch.

Have you ever tried to take your bike on a train? If the answer it 'yes' then you'll probably be all too aware that it is often a bit of a trauma. Bike space is limited and often you cannot book so there's a chance there'll be no room. Some train operating companies are better than others though, and in Leeds our very own Northern Rail are as good as they get.

Cyclelane porridge

Leeds is not exactly over-endowed with quality cycle lanes. Where they do exist they are very often of  sub-standard width - so it *really* helps when they are full of 'road-porridge'. 

This fine specimen is at Sheepscar, already a junction likely to strike fear into most two-wheeled travellers.  The cycle lane is full of some kind of mud, chunks of wood, cans and plenty of fag butts.

M&S Plan A ignores cyclists?

The M&S food store in Guiseley doesn't have cycle stands. It does though have a massive car park. You could try chaining your bike to the trolley racks but this would get in the way. 

M&S advertises its environmental and ethical morality. Food is sourced sustainably, their lorries are nciely rounded to reduce fuel consumption etc, but should you actually want to spurn that most environmentally disasterous choice of the motor car, in Guiseley at least, you are out of luck.

Leeds Cycling Campaign Needs You!

We needs your skills! We have so much to do, and so little time… the Cycle Cities Ambition Fund bid needs to be ready by the end of April, Bike Week happens in June, and in eighteen months the Tour will come roaring through the city.

So, can you get stuck in and help us turn Leeds around? We need people with helmet cams to buddy other cyclists and start a video library of Crap Commutes. We need volunteers to visit their councillors and talk them round to cycling. We need a great vision of cycle friendly Leeds.