Leeds Cycling Campaign Needs You!

We needs your skills! We have so much to do, and so little time… the Cycle Cities Ambition Fund bid needs to be ready by the end of April, Bike Week happens in June, and in eighteen months the Tour will come roaring through the city.

So, can you get stuck in and help us turn Leeds around? We need people with helmet cams to buddy other cyclists and start a video library of Crap Commutes. We need volunteers to visit their councillors and talk them round to cycling. We need a great vision of cycle friendly Leeds.

New Generation Transport (NGT): A Response by Leeds Cycling Campaign


New Generation Transport (NGT) is the trolleybus scheme that is the latest in a series of proposed “rapid transit” schemes for Leeds. The proposed trolleybus route starts on the North side of Leeds, with a park and ride site at the old Bodington Hall site with space for 800 vehicles, and runs South along the A660 Otley Road / Headingley Lane, through the city centre and along Hunslet Road to Stourton where a second park and ride with 1500 spaces will be sited.


Current transport choices along the proposed NGT route

Leeds, Le Tour, Ambition and paper plates.

On Monday evening a variety of folk descended on The Carriageworks in Leeds to discuss the rising excitement about cycling and Leeds. Le Grand Depart in 2014 is going to be *massive* for Leeds in just about every way. Tens of thousands of tourists will decend on Yorkshire, as well as several hundred lycra-clad cyclists with obscene thighs. Roads will be closed, barriers erected, food and beer will be sold and a great deal of fun had. But what else can we do to widen invovlement? And what afterwards? 

Harrogate Road: Cockup or Conspiracy?

Increasing the number of people cycling, as part of a sustainable transport strategy, is good for the health, economy, and environment of any city.  Cycle-friendly planning is good for property values, retail vitality, local businesses, and has wider economic benefits due to reduced health-care costs and absenteeism.  It reduces CO2 emissions and improves air quality, has a low impact on the built environment, and alleviates noise pollution.  Cycling reduces levels of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cyclists live, on average, two years longer with fitness levels of people t

Leeds second most dangerous city in UK for cycling?

A really interesting, and rather worrying, blog post from 'Leeds Cycle People' about traffic growth and the risk of cycling in Leeds. Our city appears to be second only to Bradford (what is it about West Yorkshire?!) and twice as dangerous as Manchester and Liverpool in terms of risk to cyclists. These findings are a sad confirmation of what it feels like to cycle in Leeds, "the car-sick self-proclaimed ''motorway city of the 70s'".