Leeds: a city with ambitions for cycling?

We met with Mark Robinson, Leeds City Council Cycling Officer yesterday, to discuss the Cycle City Ambition funding. Mark indicated that Leeds will make a bid to the funding, as Leeds alone, not as part of a joint West Yorkshire bid. They're thinking of bidding for about £10m (the pot will have to be shared between all the successful bidders). Cycle links to Bradford may be considered as part of the bid. They are considering asking York for technical expertise. (We have some concerns about exactly how good the cycle infrastructure is in York and whether they really are 'expert'!)

Does Leeds City Council care about dangerous taxis?

On my commute into Leeds I regularly observe taxis parking in the cycle lane, and sometimes on the pavement, outside the Tapas bar on Kirkstall Road in order that the passenger can use the cash machine (photo from 14th Feb this year). This obstructs my passage and means I have to move out into the carriageway - which is very busy and moving at speed. The cycle lane is mandatory and road marked with double-yellow lines. Parking on the pavement I believe to be illegal. 

Route to nowhere?

   Where does this cycle lane go? The road is 2 lanes of traffic in the opposite direction. The pavement is a main pedestrian route into the city centre.

   As I passed, a bus and lorry came up the road, side by side with the lorry closest to the cycle lane. I yelped.





   Here's the bit before the above. Looks promising (apart from the oncoming traffic inches away).