CityConnect Update 2/6/15

I have just attended the monthly advisory group meeting for CityConnect. Updates are listed below.

Public Engagement

CityConnect now have two employees that are now working with 18 schools along the route to produce some visuals for the 20mph zone signs. They are also setting up workshops with parents and teachers find out how they can enable children to use the newly constructed superhighway to get to school. There is also going to be a billboard and radio campaign along with small grants available for shops and businesses to use to improve their cycle parking facilities.

Dick Lane / Grange Avenue

I have included a link to a document below. This is the paper that CityConnect have used to decide on which type of side road crossings to use for which situation.

It is still our view that this is not the best solution for the junction and we will continue to press for a change. It has been confirmed that cyclists do not have priority at two side road junctions on the whole route, while in our view, that is two too many, it is clear that it is an isolated problem rather than an endemic one.


Based on feedback, the current work was inspected by CRT and due to the issues with the surface, all work was halted immediately. All of the gravel has been removed, and a new test section has been completed using smaller gravel. Despite these setbacks the work is still expected to be complete in the original time scale. The new gravel will be laid in small sections to minimise tow-path closures, but it is requested that the closures be respected.

Parking on CityConnect

The parking restrictions on the superhighway were clarified. In sections that are due to open, 2 weeks prior to opening, residents will receive a letter stating that it is illegal to park on the footway or cycleway. For the first week, enforcement officers will just issue advisory notices, with fines following in week 2 onwards. An efficient way of reporting abuse of these restrictions is also being worked on. Large signs will also be erected noting the parking restrictions. The first section open will probably be Thornbury Barracks.

Test Rides

The campaign will be invited to test ride sections when they are nearly complete. We don't have final details of these yet but they will be communicated shortly.

Final Plans

Final plans were requested in order to enable the campaign to flag up any further possible issues. CityConnect are working on this as a priority.

As ever, contact using



Thanks for attending the meeting and communicating this update, Martin.

I have tried the towpath beyond Kirkstall recent and am very concerned about the poor surface, and also the brick obstacle strips, so it is good to hear they are listening and acting about this.

Re parking on City Connect - that's really good to have signs, warnings and then enforcement with fines.  What is the situation with cycle lanes marked on main roads - is it similar or can cycle lanes be parked in without consequence?

Test rides - sounds a fun thing to do as well as highlighting any issues on the spot too.