Connecting Leeds: Adel to Leeds (A660) plans

As part of the 'Connecting Leeds' scheme, improvements are being proposed for the A660 running from Adel to Leeds. This route is the most cycled corridor in Leeds, so it is important that it works for people on bikes and on foot, as well as those using public transport.

The overview and plans for all sections on this route can be found here:

Consultation is open until the 3rd August and we would encourage all members and supporters to respond with your comments. Some suggested responses are below. Please click on the blue headings, thsi will take you to the correct page to post comments or endorse existing comments about the specific sections.

Otley Road between Holt Lane and Lawnswood Cemetery

  • Mandatory cycle lanes are a suggested solution. As experienced in much of Leeds, it is very likely that these will be parked in. Kerb or bollard protected cycle ways are required.
  • Traffic signals are proposed at the Holt Lane/Otley Road junction. These should include separate signals for cyclists so that they are not in conflict with motorised traffic. Priority should be given to pedestrians, cyclists, and public transport users over drivers.


Lawnswood Roundabout Improvement Scheme

Detailed plans of the Lawnswood junction are here. They are currently very poor for cycling.

  • Agree that at grade cycle crossings are preferable in this location to underpasses and bridges.
  • Agree that a crossroads and Lawnswood is better than a signalised roundabout.
  • Introduction of protected cycle facilities is welcome (although more need to be added)
  • Floating bus stops are good.
  • Fundamental issues with the cycle facilities here, both on road and off road (shared) facilities are provided. Dedicated off road cycle facilities with cycle specific crossings should be implemented.
  • The slip roads for left turning motor traffic should be removed. They add additional crossings and hence inconvenience for both pedestrians and cyclists. They also add risk of collisions for cyclists that are crossing using on road facilities.
  • Pedestrian crossings should be directly across and not staggered. 
  • No provision for protected cycle facilities on the East-West orientation have been considered. There is an aspiration within the council to provide protected facilities on the ring road. Hence this should be accounted for as part of this scheme.


Detailed plans for the Otley Road/Otley Old Road junction are available here.

  • Floating bus stops are good.
  • Sharing with buses on Otley Old Road is not attractive for new cyclists, separate protected cycleways must be provided. Not difficult as the road is already being widened.
  • Otley Road will essentially be a dual carriageway, good that protected cycleways are provided, but these should be bidirectional.
  • Big risk to cyclists from motor traffic turning left from Otley Road onto Otley Old Road. Should be signalised.
  • Cycle specific crossings, rather than toucans should be provided at the Otley Road/ Otley Old Road junction.


Otley Road between Lawnswood School and Glen Road

  • Proposal is to turn a general traffic lane to a mandatory cycle lane through the junction, this is a good reallocation of road space, however it should be protected with either a kerb or bollards to prevent parking. Consideration also needs to be given to reduce dangers to cyclists by drivers turning into Spen Road.
  • Proposal is to widen the existing bus lane to allow better sharing with cyclists. This is not attractive to new cyclists so a protected cycleway should be provided. The current bus lane should also be made 24hr.


Otley Road between Glen Road and St Chad’s Drive

  • At Glen Road, Church Wood Avenue junction, traffic lights should provide dedicated signals for cyclists, and prioritise pedestrian, cycle and public transport movements over that of general traffic.
  • Fully support proposals to close Weetwood Lane to general traffic at the junction with Otley Road. Cycle access must be retained however. Protected cycle facilities should also be introduced between the formalised parking and footway. Provision should be made to protect southbound cyclists from right turning traffic into St. Chads Road.


Otley Road and Headingley Lane between Shaw Lane and Grosvenor Road

  • Support the banning of some turning movements for general traffic. These movements must be retained for cyclists however. This is a terrible junction for cyclists so dedicated signals should be accommodated.. The introduction of a mandatory cycle lane is welcome, however this must be upgraded to a kerb or bollard protected cycleway in order to offer the subjective safety required.
  • The improved bus stops in central Headingley should be of the bus stop bypass design, allowing cyclists to avoid conflict with stopping buses. Design has to be of sufficient quality to minimise conflict between pedestrians and cyclists.
  • It is proposed that the cycle lanes between North lane and Hyde Park Corner be made mandatory so to prevent drivers parking in them. However, experience has shown that this is not a deterrent. Therefore the lanes should be protected either by kerbs or bollards to prevent obstruction by parked cars.
  • Road widening is proposed between the Elinor Lupton Centre and Bainbridge Road to accommodate a northbound bus lane. Any road widening should accommodate protected cycle lanes along this highly cycled route.


Headingley Lane between Grosvenor Road and Woodhouse Moor

  • Support the banning of the tight turn for motorised vehicles from Headingley Lane into Victoria Road, although this movement should be retained for cyclists if possible. Kerbs or bollards should be used to protect the cycle lane where practical. Junction design should take into account the risks to cyclists by left turning traffic into Victoria Road.
  • At Hyde Park Corner, we fully support the banning of some tuning movements for general traffic, however these should be retained for cyclists if possible.Support the reduction in general traffic lanes through the junction and the addition of cycle lanes. Specific cycle signals should be used if there are conflicting turning movements between cyclists and motorised traffic.
  • New bus stops that are introduced at Hyde Park Corner should feature bus stop bypasses for cyclists, and be of good quality design as to minimise conflicts between cyclists and pedestrians.


Woodhouse Lane between Hyde Park Corner and Clarendon Road

  • Separate cycle way is preferable over a combined bus and cycle lane in both the northbound and southbound directions.
  • Design of cycle facilities for right turning cyclists at Clarendon Road needs a lot of thought. Should have dedicated traffic signals for cyclists to remove any conflict with motor vehicles.