Connecting Leeds: Wakefield to Leeds

As part of the 'Connecting Leeds' scheme, improvements are being proposed for the route running from Wakefield to Leeds. It is important that it works for people on bikes and on foot, as well as those using public transport.

The overview and plans for all sections on this route can be found here:

Consultation is open until the 3rd August and we would encourage all members and supporters to respond with your comments. Some suggested responses are below. Please click on the blue headings, thsi will take you to the correct page to post comments or endorse existing comments about the specific sections.

Stourton to Leeds via Low Road and Hunslet Road

Support the installation of bus lanes. Welcome to see the provision of a bidirectional cycle way on the northern side of the carriageway. Cycle way on the south side must also be biderctional. Some cycle access from side roads is still via advanced stop zones, these are intimidating to most cyclists.

Junction at Thwaite Lane/Wakefield Road/Pontefract Road is very poor for pedestrians and cyclists, with the focus being on the throughput of motor vehicles, rather than people. Shared footways are no longer acceptable cycling provision.

Stourton to the Wakefield border via Robin Hood

Protected cycle facilities should be provided along the whole route and at all junctions