Leeds Cycling Starts Here Consultation - Respond Now!

The Cycling Starts Here Board was setup to ensure a legacy from the Tour de France. It features representatives from all aspects of the council that deal with cycling, including highways, public health, sport etc. There are also external members, such as British Cycling, and us! 

So over two years on from the Tour de France, they have finally released the Leeds Cycling Strategy. A set of documents that will turn Leeds into a leading cycling city (hopefully).

The documents that make up the strategy can be found below (or on the consultation website)

Cycling Strategy

Action Plan Overview

Street Scenes Cycling Ambition

To access the consultation online use the following web address: https://consult.leeds.gov.uk and search for 'cycling' in the search box. (A direct link would be nice next time!) Leave yourself a little time as I believe it needs to be completed in one sitting.

You are obviously free to respond as you wish, but below is some guidance from the campaign.

Question 7: A network of protected and traffic free cycle routes is missing from this list.

Question 8: While the aims do mention improving safety and convenience for cycling, we feel that making cycling the most attractive option for short journeys by both children and adults must specifically be mentioned. (If you would like to make extra points, answer no to Q8 and you will have the opportunity to add any extra points you have).

Question 10: Develop, Promote and Build are confusing themes, and not equal. In our opinion, 'Build' is by far the most important theme. Again, if you would like to make extra points, answer no to Q10 and you will have the opportunity to add any extra points you have).

Question 12: A rather strange and abstract collection of objectives, but in our opinion, options 8, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21, 22 are the most important.

Question 13: We feel there are too many objectives, and several feature words like 'encourage' etc that are incredibly difficult to quantify.

Question 15: The collective values are ambiguous and confusing, We're not sure they have a place in the main document. Maybe they should be in supporting documentation? 

Question 17: There is little mentioned about driver behaviour, and a protected network of routes. In residential areas, modal filtering (bollards) are an easy way to eliminate through motor traffic and create attractive cycling environments for cycling. Reallocation of road space to other modes (including cycling) will also be key.

Question 18: This is what can be done 'short term'. We would suggest options 1, 4, 5, 15 are the most important

Question 19: Our issue here is that while all actions are important, they are presented as equal importance. Infrastructure improvements must take priority. The 20mph zones are important, but should be implemented both with enforcement and filtering of through traffic.

Questions 22-24: While we don't feel that some of the images do the idea justice, the preference of the campaign is the Car Free Area for all options.

Question 25: This is the question that gives the most space to express your hopes, wishes, and dreams! Go mad! Personal stories, accounts of trips to the Netherlands, are all useful. What would you like Leeds to be like in 10 or 20 years? Maybe post your responses to this question on our facebook group?