Easy Riders - For Those New/Returning to Cycling in Leeds

Would you like to cycle to work / college / the shops?

Don’t know where to start?

"Easy Riders" is our ride aimed at beginners and those returning to cycling happens every Saturday at 10.15am.  Everybody who feels like a short, steady, friendly ride on quiet streets or cycle paths is welcome.

Many people would like to cycle to work, school, college, to see a friend in another area of Leeds or to the shops but are a bit worried about safety, how to cycle on the roads, how to find their way around Leeds etc.

Our purpose is to help people become confident cycling around their local area of Leeds, whether to work, the shops, meet friends etc.  Confident cyclists are welcome too, but please remember the aim is to help new/returning cyclists so be ready for a slow, steady ride and be friendly/welcoming!


We are not a cycling club!  No special sports clothes needed!  We don’t wear Lycra, have expensive sports bikes and costly clothing.  Wear whatever you feel comfortable in – jeans and a shirt/blouse is fine.

Everyone welcome! 

What Happens?

We cycle slowly and steadily a reasonable distance, typically 12-15 miles.

We always meeting at 10.15am on Saturday mornings (after checking everything is ready we set off at 10.30am).

If help is required, e.g. somebody has a puncture, we always stop to make sure the problem is fixed.  Nobody is left behind.

We always have a nice café stop for refreshments, and to talk about cycling matters, near the end or at end of the ride.


Leeds Cycle Map by Leeds City Council (available at many shops, the Pedallers Arms etc.)

Guide to starting cycling (http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/how-to-start-cycling/)

Guide to cycling to work (http://www.bikeradar.com/gear/article/top-tips-for-cycling-to-work-29900/)


We aim to serve all areas of Leeds equally, wherever you live in Leeds you should be reasonably close to an Easy Riders start point.  Admittedly we haven’t always done this in the past.

We aim to have four reasonably central start points in the future (in general to provide for North, South, East and West Leeds):

  • The Hyde Park Blook Club (Hyde Park, LS6 1BL)
  • Holbeck (possibly the David Street Café, LS11 5WD)
  • Potternewton Park/East End Park (possible meeting at the Captain’s Table, LS9 8LH)
  • Kirkstall (possibly meeting at the canalside by Holly Bush Café, LS5 3BP)


  • We do cycle on quiet streets (yellow on the Leeds Cycle Map)
  • We do use cycle paths wherever possible (blue on the Leeds Cycle Map)
  • We don’t cycle miles in the hills.

  • We don’t cycle on busy roads / any roads above 30mph.

For example we often cycle on the canal towpath – this is a cycle route with a good surface, is free of cars and is very pleasant too.  It is an ideal way to get from one side of the Leeds to the other.  We use the other official cycle routes too e.g. to Meanwood Park and Middleton Park (both have nice cafés).

Photos of Previous Rides

[Middleton Park]


[Temple Newsam]

We ride at the pace of the slowest rider for a maximum of 15 miles - no-one is left behind, and there's a café stop either in the middle or at the end.  No special sports equipment or clothes are needed.

See the website Rides Calendar for more details of start location, route etc.

People gather from 10:15 and we start riding at 10:30.  Allow a couple of hours for a gentle, social ride, with a cafe stop either about half way round the ride or at the end. 

For more information have a look at the rides calendar, or contact the easy rides coordinator at easyrides@leedscyclingcampaign.co.uk.

Non-members are welcome to join in a couple of rides initially, but it's important for our insurance that most riders are paid-up members, please talk to your ride leader about joining Leeds Cycling Campaign, or join online here.


Roundhay Easy Ride

Our meeting place is by the tennis courts on Princes Avenue in Roundhay Park.

Gerri will lead a ride through quiet roads and country lanes north of Leeds.  We will stop for refreshments at Greenscapes Nursery where homemade goodies will be available for us.

The route includes crossing a ford followed by a fairly stiff climb, where we will definitely stop to admire the view and wait for everyone to recover from the exertion of the climb before proceeding to the refreshments.

Everyone welcome

Easy Rides to Wheatfields Hospice Summer Fair

TODAY'S Easy Ride will be to visit the summer fair of Wheatfields Hospice, see https://www.leedsinspired.co.uk/events/wheatfields-summer-fair

We will use quiet streets and cycle paths and see the canal towpath, Beckett Park and Headingley.

Starting and finishing at The Leeds Art Gallery, The Headrow (LS1 3AA), as always we will be friendly and helpful, cycling steadily, no rush.

We will use quiet streets and cycle paths.  No special sports clothes or equipment needed!

Easy Ride to Beeston Fesitval 2019

TODAY'S Easy Ride will be from the Leeds Art Gallery, passing Leeds Arena, St James's Hospital, East End Park, the Armouries Museum, Cross Flatts Park and Elland Road. Stopping at a nice café at Beeston Hill with a visit to the Beeston Festival in the nearby Cross Flatts park (https://beestonfestival.org.uk/).  As always we will use quiet streets and cycle paths and proceed at a leisurely pace.

Come and joint us if you are interested in starting/returning to everyday cycling! 

Easy Ride to Farsley

TODAY'S ride will be to to Farsley, stopping for refreshments at a nice café

Starting and finishing at The Leeds Art Gallery, The Headrow (LS1 3AA), as always we will be friendly and helpful, cycling steadily, no rush.

We will use quiet streets and cycle paths, going out along the canal towpath and then returning via the Leeds-Bradford Cycle Superhighway.

No special sports clothes or equipment needed!