Leeds Cycling Campaign submit objection to the infilling of the Greenside Tunnel

Today, Leeds Cycling Campaign have submitted an objection to the proposed full infill of the historic Greenside railway tunnel in Pudsey. Our full objection can be found below.

Leeds Cycling Campaign strongly object to the infilling of the railway cutting.

We are aware of a local group working towards turning the disused railway tunnel into a greenway. We believe they should be given the opportunity to fully explore this, as it would provide an excellent route linking Pudsey with Tyersal, avoiding the hostile Galloway Lane. The full infill would scupper any possible greenway. Our experience of other converted railway lines suggests to us that there are no insurmountable issues in converting this one.

The proposed greenway would also be ideally situated for use by local school children.

The addition of nearly 7000 lorry trips also presents a risk to both cyclists and pedestrians, as the type of lorry likely to be used has very poor visibility, and hence a poor safety record.

Martin Stanley
Chair, Leeds Cycling Campaign

We would encourage our members and supporters to also submit individual objections, full instructions, as well as guidance can be found at the Greenside Greenway website - https://greensidegreenway.org/2018/09/27/object-to-full-infill/

The deadline for objections is 13th November, so not long to go.