Affiliation for Organisations

Organisations which support or share our aims may apply to become affiliated to Leeds Cycling Campaign.

Our aims are to:

  • Promote cycling in the Leeds area
  • Make Leeds a ‘better place in which to cycle’.
  • Encourage all cyclists to cycle with consideration for other people, and to follow National Standards for cycling
  • Engage with the local authority, relevant public bodies and elected representatives to develop and implement cycling strategies and increase public investment in cycling as a mode of transport


There are several advantages to affiliating:

  • Your organisation is able to nominate someone to attend, vote and speak at general meetings of the Campaign.  This person will also be the contact person who we will liaise with about your affiliation.
  • Members or employees of your organisation are able to join the Campaign as members in their own right at a reduced rate (currently £5).


Employers, charities, voluntary groups and educational establisments are just some examples of organisations who may wish to affiliate.  For more information about affiliation and an application form, please contact the Campaign membership secretary by emailing membership [at] or write to: Leeds Cycling Campaign, c/o The Cardigan Centre, 145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds LS6 1LJ.

Alternatively, if you sure you wish to proceed, you may download an application form below

Approvals for affiliation are decided on an individual basis by the Campaign committee.  Payment of affiliation fees should be made once the Committee has approved your application and on receipt of our invoice.  These fees are dependent on the organisation type and are due annually.

Fee rates for 2021-22 are as follows:

  • Registered charities: £30
  • Schools: £30
  • Colleges: £40
  • Universities: £100
  • Commercial 0-9 employees: £40
  • Commercial 10-49 employees: £50
  • Commercial 50-249 employees: £100
  • Commercial 250+ employees: £175


Once your application has been approved and your fee processed, we will send you a unique affiliation code which you can share with your individual members or staff.  These individuals will then be able to join Leeds Cycling Campaign at the reduced rate currently in force.  See this page for details.