Leeds Cycle Forum Subgroup Meeting

Notes from meeting:

First up CityConnect2, the city centre bit. After initially promising early plans the proposed bi-directional segregated cycle lane in front of the Playhouse is likely to be binned in favour of crappy shared space, so that buses can turn right out of the bus station directly and not do a loop up round Eastgate roundabout and back. This is poor and we must resist it (6.7 million quid of cycle money at stake here).

Next the behemoth that is Dawson's Corner. Something like 10million is to be spent increasing vehicle capacity. Obviously this will affect CS1 as it traverses this junction on multiple Toucans. On the plus side the major remodelling might mean we can do a better job for cyclists - early days but single-phase cycle crossing of the ring-road by the inbound route, and possibly an underpass for the outbound. Everyone was keen said underpass didn't become a scary broken glass and urine-spattered realm of the undead and we discussed ways to mitigate this through size, lighting and even inviting businesses to setup shop (underpass cafe anyone?). 

Finally 'the' gyratory. The council wants to pedestrianise City Square which is great, but the cars need to be found another route. The aim is to improve the Big G making it flow better and not grind to a halt every time that little puddle forms under the rail bridge. Very vague ideas being thrown around at this stage but we'll make sure that cyclists' interests are represented.

Wednesday, 9 November, 2016
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