Committee meeting


Minutes of the Committee Meeting held on 06 November at Bridge Street Church, Bridge Street,


Present: Martin Stanley, Stephen Craven, Tony Read, David Bamford, Barry Hughes


  1. Introductions and apologies

Jonathan LeMoine, Andrew Simpson, Sav Syzmura, Trish Cunnison


  1. The Minutes of the last meeting (10 October)

David Bamford to add the actions from point 9 to the action log and minor re-wording. Apart from this the minutes from the last meeting were accepted.


  1. Review of action log and other matters arising

See AP Log


  1. Chair’s Update (non-Campaign issues)

There is an opportunity to meet Councillor Blake & Roger Harrington (Chair of cycling starts here board) to talk about what we want to progress with cycling in the city.

City Connect – City section due to be starting around date of meeting. Due to start with Wellington Street & Queen Street – plans on the city connect website

Stourton P & R – Plans were released at the last cycle forum, generally looks quite good. The Cycle Campaign needs to formulate a response to this, will be done through infrastructure group.

  1. – Like Stourton P & R, response needed. Like Stourton P & R will be done through infrastructure group. For both this and Stourton P & R Martin will be setting up new infrastructure group.

Operation Close Pass – There was a report on the trial of this by West Yorkshire Police to the cycle forum in October. West Yorkshire police has seen this as a success but the messaging has been about targeting all road users, i.e. targeting cyclist equally. Martin has requested a quarterly meeting with West Yorkshire Police to get a dialogue going about cycle safety. West Yorkshire Police have responded and a date has been set up. It may be worth in the future potentially inviting other West Yorkshire cycling groups.

  1. – Chris Foren (from Green Party) has been in touch about them launching a campaign to make A660 cycle lanes mandatory and some light segregation. We were asked if we would be supportive towards a green party campaign on this and Martin indicated we would. We talked of how double yellows may well be useful.


  1. Membership Update

Jonathan has sent out the membership packs.

Tony advised there have been 2 new members this month, though this wasn’t taking into account any lapses that may have happened.


  1. Treasurer’s Update

Balance figures:

This month

Last month

Previous month

Unity Trust Bank








Cash i/h








Tony advised that there had been very little change since last month with no new expenditure outside of regular payments, but with income of 2 new memberships, increasing the Paypal account.

  • – Tony also advised that he would check on the cycling UK affiliation. This is new action 17-22


  1. Rides update
    1. Roundhay Easy Rides

It was noted by the campaign that we do welcome all rides and that all rides have a place.

Barry advised that Roundhay rides felt underappreciated.

Next week’s meeting on rides is to work through whether we can re-brand rides to make sure we marketing them correctly to people and making clear to people what they will get on the rides.

  • – Martin to formulate discussion points for meeting next week. New action 17-23

It was noted that all rides need an LCC leader and consistent advertising.


  1. Review past events (N/A)


  1. Future Events
    1. Cyclenation/Cycling UK conference

Tony asked if anyone at the meeting was able to go, Tony may be able to go. It was suggested that this could be expanded out to members if no one on committee able to go. The campaign would be able to make a contribution to costs. Tony offered to email around the committee to see if anyone able to attend. See action 17-22

  1. Christmas

Barry noted that checking with the New Inn in Eccup about Christmas meal on the 17th was on his to do list!

  1. Tour de Yorkshire

On Saturday 5th May the Tour de Yorkshire is to finish in Leeds. Martin suggested we may want to do something. Similarly, for the ITU world triathlon. (June 9th/10th)

  1. Campaign actions


  1. Client Earth / Clean air zone subgroup (standing item)
    1. Action Meeting Data

Client Earth has taken this forward. Martin has sent an email to them.


  1. Future meeting venues

Bridge Street would ask for at least £50 per month. Able to get post here, hot desking available as well as a meeting room, storage space and auditorium. Also large advantage of being central

It was decided the options were between Bridge Street, Heart and the Bike Mill.

Bridge Street’s main problem was seen as the insecurity, we may well have to move all over again in a few years. David suggested a PO Box to counter this, but this is too expensive.

Action – It was suggested that we could look into a new registered address. New action 17-24

We decided to meet at Bridge Street in December and are leaning towards Bridge Street but will decide at December meeting. If you want to have a say on this, come to the December meeting.


  1. Constitution

Tony asked if anything about the constitution was restraining the committee’s way of operating.

  • – Tony to send out email to committee finding out what we need from constitution. New action 17-25
  1. AOB

Regarding past minutes was talked about the archiving of signed minutes. It was suggested that instead a PDF copy of the minutes could be made, retrospectively attached to the calendar event on the website and  available for members to see.


Date of next meetings
(all 2018 venues TBC):

Thursday 7 December – Bridge Street



Tuesday 9 January

Monday 5 February

Thursday 8 March

Tuesday 10 April - AGM

Tuesday 8th May

Thursday 7 June

Tuesday 3 July

Monday 6 August

Thursday 6 September

Tuesday 2 October

Monday 5 November

Thursday 6 December



Monday, 6 November, 2017
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