Committee Meeting Report 07/12/2017

Hi All,

We are going to start trying to report what's happened in committee meetings. The minutes will be published after they have been confirmed in the previous event. For November these have been published at

Here's a quick summary of what we talked about at December's committee meeting. 

Chair's Update

ELOR – An objection on behalf of the campaign was submitted. Martin went to an event for the approval of the scheme where we were allocated 3 minutes to talk about our objections, shared with a representative from the Elmet Greenway scheme. On the current scheme there is proposed to be bi-directional segregated cycleways on each side of ELOR, but there are major shortcomings at the junctions where there are many proposed crossings, including informal crossings. ELOR is designed to 2006 roads & bridges guide, now significantly out of date! Martin suggested that using guidance by Phil Jones for Strategic Road Network would be significantly better.

City Connect Advisory Group – City Connect seems to be going well in Leeds, Wellington Street is well underway. Canal Road scheme in Bradford has started.

Membership Update

Approximately 233 members at the moment.

Lapsed Member Procedure – The process on this has been on-going over around a year. At the moment, we are losing many members due to not having a lapsed member procedure.

Planning for the end of January mailing – it was decided that this would be done in/after the committee meeting in February which has been moved to Monday 12th of February for the committee’s convenience.

Rides update

Action Meeting – Martin advised that this had been a productive meeting and was well attended.

CityConnect Community Grants – CityConnect is offering grants of up to £10,000 for boosting participation in cycling. There is a potential here for the campaign to bid for some of this for rides. Information at

Review past events (N/A)

Cyclenation/Cycling UK Conference – No one from the campaign was able to attend this conference.

Future Events

Christmas Ride

19 people are currently booked for the Christmas ride.

Waste Talk

Steven C was sent an email from someone in the waste service in Leeds seeing if we would want a talk. It was decided that while interesting this is not relevant to the work of the campaign but

Tour de Yorkshire

It was noted that the Tour de Yorkshire is coming through Leeds on Sunday 6th of May and the route is now available.

Clean air zone consultation document (Leeds City Council)

The campaign will be doing a response to this but the document does not come out until January.

Future meeting venues

We compared the options of Bridge Street, Heart (Headingley) and the bike mill for both storage and using it for meetings.


We talked in depth about what alterations we may need to the consultation. Tony had over the previous month consulted with the committee about what in the constitution was currently constraining us a drafted some amendments to the constitution.

These changes would need to be consulted with the membership at large and approved at the AGM.