Vision workshop 2

It's easy to become negative and disillusioned when you are faced day in, day out, with with poor facilities, intimidating junctions and aggressive drivers - but it doesn't have to be like this. Leeds Cycling Campaign is developing a vision for what Leeds might look like in the future, something very different to what we have now and a whole lot better for cyclists. We held our first workshop a week or so back where we threw everything we could think of onto flipcharts. Clever and crazy, simple and complicated, cheap and monumentally expensive, there were no limits (railways-style cuttings and tunnels anyone?!). 

Last night we held our second workshop at the Headingley Heart Centre and started distilling all this into themes. There was an excellent turn out and our room was literally overflowing with people full of energy and ideas. 

Future workshops will carry on this process until sometime later in the summer we will have our vision. This document will be the foundation for our campaigning, giving us direction and clarity - and something we intend to distribute to those who are responsible for designing and maintaning our cities and countryside.

Keep an eye on the website and Facebook for future meeting dates - this is your opportunity to input into our future.