Cycling Consultation Forum Subgroup

1. Introductions

2. Items for discussion:

  • A660 Headingley Hill
  • Corn Exchange Gateway
  • NPIF Outer Ring Road Proposals
  • ELOR proposals

3. AOB.

Date of next meeting: 11th December 2019

A copy of the agenda can be downloaded here

Notes from meeting.

Martin Stanley and Steve Jones attended on behalf of the campaign.

NPIF Outer Ring Road Proposals (Cyclescape Discussion)

A brief update of the scheme was presented, particularly in relation to some changes required once detailed surveys had been completed

  • Section that was behind trees, on site visit trees are in very poor condition so will be removed. Cycle track will still be 3.5m from edge of roadway and new trees will be planted in gap. Will be lit using existing streetlights.
  • Short (200m) section of 3m wide shared use proposed, otherwise trees with a CAVAT value of 650k would have to be removed.
  • All other parts of scheme are the same as in drawings

We discussed whether shared use section should be lined or not. Proposed to wait and see if any issues.

Headingley Hill - A660 (Cyclescape Discussion)

Changes are proposed on a 1km section of the A660 due to delays to buses caused by congestion. An outbound bus lane is proposed between Victoria Road to just past Bainbridge Road. Cycleway is retained on inbound section, but outbound section would be shared with buses. 20 buses per hour would use the bus lane at peak times. Difficult one for the campaign this? Is a 24hr 3.5m bus lane preferable to a 1m advisory cycle lane? Majority of bus lane is downhill.

Particular discussion points were ensuring that the cycle lane continues over side roads, even though the bus lane stops, and querying a two stage pedestrian crossing (should be one stage). Plans still at early stage so will likely return to the forum.

Meadow Lane (Cyclescape Discussion)

Really exciting proposals for Meadow Lane leading over Leeds Bridge and to the Corn Exchange.

Currently meadow lane is an inner city dual carriageway. It is proposed that it will become a single carriageway in each direction for motor vehicles and the space repurposed into pedestrian and cycle facilities. Consultation is now closed but it still needs to go to detailed design stage. Full details can be seen at the web link.

Overall very positive. Main discussion points detailed below.

  • Junction and Meadow Lane/Great Wilson street needs to be improved
  • Could informal zebra be used for pedestrians to cross cycleway next to new park?
  • Junction at Swinegate/Call Lane/Lower Briggate/Bridge End not good. Lots of pedestrians here. Could cycleway on call lane be moved to south side, so cycles could continue when motor traffic does?
  • How do cyclists continue along swinegate, put in option that works with closing of loop road in future.
  • Does cycleway need to be marked on lower call lane? Probably not, but need to make sure route is not blocked by tables etc after pedestrianisation.

An alternative with cycleway on Lower Briggate was shown, but closure of lower call lane seems preferable

ELOR (Cyclescape Discussion)

Two junctions being made into gyratories rather than roundabouts.

We again questioned why grade separated crossings are not provided.

Only 2.5m bidirectional cycleways are being provided, we stated must be 3m.

Wednesday, 20 November, 2019
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