START TIME AMENDED TO 10.30am Long/Inter Ride to Horbury Bridge / Cleckheaton 38 miles

This route just amended (Sat 24th) to later start at 10.30am because of the overnight freezing temperatures

Still going to see the Luddite statue but cutting out Brighouse and the Mamil cafe.

The important stuff:
First cafe is the Riverside Cafe in Horbury Bridge at 15 miles
Second cafe is Eve's Cafe in Cleckheaton at 26.5 miles
The educational stuff:
After Horbury we view the Luddite statue in Liversedge.  In 1779 Ned Ludd attacked a knitting machine in a fit of rage as it took his employment from him.  That is a myth but the Luddite movement named themselves after the supposed Ned Ludd.  They were active between 1811 and 1817.  They did a lot of damage to machinery and were violent towards mill owners, mainly in Nottinhamshire, the West Riding of Yorkshire and Lancashire.  They were violently repressed by the government and in 1812 a capital offence was created with many Luddites being hanged.
The nitty gritty:
Averagely hilly (1.5%)   Much variety: segregated cycleways, lovely narrow roads as after Horbury, bits of A roads, hopefully hardly any mud!
Sunday, 25 February, 2024
Start time: 
End time: 
Approx 5pm
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Horbury Bridge / Cleckheaton