NGT Objections: Template Letter

Thursday 31st October 2013 is the deadline for statements of objection (or support) to the NGT scheme, which will have a major impact on cycling in Leeds. For background, see the website here.
The committee will be submitting an objection letter (download it here), but to make sure our voice is heard it’s important that members also write individually to raise their objections.

So PLEASE EMAIL the Secretary of State for Transport  patrick.mcloughlin <AT>  by Thursday, along these lines:


Re: Transport and Works Act Order for Leeds New Generation Transport – Concerns over Impacts on Cycling
I write to second the objections made by Leeds Cycling Campaign to the proposed scheme.
The Council is ignoring an opportunity to invest in cycling, with the result that provision for cycling has been an afterthought on the most cycled route in Leeds. The business case for NGT is not aligned with council objectives not to increase motorised traffic, and health benefits and costs were disregarded in the business case. Investment in cycling schemes offers a much better return on investment than other transport projects, but cycling alternatives or complementarity were disregarded in the NGT business case.
Segregated space for cyclists, generally recognised as the best way to encourage people to cycle, is not provided. The scheme fails to adopt best practice design from “Manual for Streets 2”, does not comply with guidance document LTN 2/08 regarding width of cycling facilities, and danger to cyclists at ‘pinch-points’ is not mitigated. The design of the scheme is not aligned with the city's cycling strategy and the forthcoming cycle superhighway.
In particular I'm concerned about ...
I urge you to consider the real needs and opportunities for the city, and to encourage Leeds to embrace cycling as part of the solution.
Yours sincerely