Tour de Roundhay

No doubt many of you are looking forward to the Le Tour coming to Yorkshire in July but have you heard about the "Tour de Roundhay"? This year's version of the Roundhay Live festival is being organised jointly by Leeds Cycling Campaign and Roundhay environmental Action Project - see their website at

They are expecting to have 250 riders and have asked us to lead the rides.  We will be doing a number of short, medium and a slightly longer ride (not over 50 miles for that one) - to book tickets click here. This will be a great event and will help us get more people cycling.

We need some more volunteers to help out on the day including

  • People to come on the rides and be ready to help out
  • People to be assistant ride leaders, 'back marker' to help keep the group together
  • People to lead rides

Training will be provided for all volunteers and won't be long or onerous. Please consider volunteering and making it a great day out for all of us. You can sign up at  If you'd like more information about volunteering please get in touch, contact <at>

The Tour de Roundhay event at Roundhay School will feature various organised rides of different lengths from very short to long.  It will be an introduction/return to cycling for some, a chance for a reasonable group ride for others and a long ride for those fit and experienced cyclists.

With a fun end to the day, brass band etc, this should be an enjoyable event in the lead up to the unmissable Tour de France which will be in Yorkshire 13 and 14 days later.

Sunday, 22 June, 2014
Start time: 
mid-morning (TBC)
End time: 
late afternoon (TBC)
Ride distance (m): 
Ride leader: 
Ride destination: