The Adelphi, 7.30pm, Weds 10th April.

The first official meeting of the Leeds Cycling Campaign will be held in The Adelphi Hotel ( in Leeds. We have an upstairs room which will be ideal for combining a dedicated space for discussion with rapid access to the bar.

The agenda for the meeting is still being worked out but basically there'll be a brief introduction to the group and what we think we want to try to do, an update on existing campaigns, and hopefully a bucket-load of new ideas from those attending. We'll then try to turn these into definite plans, and find people to take a lead. 

If you think that Leeds currently offers cyclists a brilliant, integrated and safe cycling experience then feel free to stay at home and watch Eastenders. For everyone else, this is your opportunity to turn out and have your say. However slow things seem to change for the better, they most certainly won't get any faster without action.

Suitably fired up? See you there.