Leeds Cycling Campaign Manifesto

Cycling improves health and wellbeing, reduces absence from work, improves access to employment and training, saves people money, improves economic growth, leads to better air quality, and supports carbon reduction targets. Streets that are friendly for cycling and walking are safer, quieter, have a better sense of community and are places that people want to spend time.

We call on Leeds City Council to commit to making Leeds a cycling-friendly city. This must include:

  1. The creation of a comprehensive network of radial and orbital routes, either segregated or giving cyclists clear priority, and properly maintained and swept.
  2. Residential areas must be made safe for families through properly enforced, ubiquitous 20mph speed limits.
  3. Leeds City Council must commit to ambitious targets for cycle mode share, with timescales and practical implementation plans
  4. Leeds City Council must commit to targets to increase the number of children cycling to school, and actively lead in achieving these.
  5. Highways and Transportation policy must commit to put into practice the Council’s stated strategies on prioritising walking and cycling. This must include using existing road space for cycling, and consequent reduction in vehicle capacity.
  6. Leeds city centre must be made convenient for walking and cycling. This will include provision of convenient cycle parking, and convenient routes into and through the centre of the city.
  7. Wherever possible, Leeds city parks and gardens should contain paths suitable for family cycling
  8. West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council highways enforcement must use their powers effectively to address dangerous and antisocial vehicle use.