Ride Report - Castleford (8th March 2015)

Castleford (28 miles), started 9.30am City Square (Photos here)

Steven S led just four comrades – there was another cycling event on in Leeds this morning to compete with.   Rob the cycle-friendly train driver was also there at the start to give us support.

The Lines  At Allerton Bywater we used another section of The Lines, a nice cycle path – see our photos.

S-Bridge  The Millennium Bridge over the beautiful river by the old mill at Castleford is a real photo opportunity – see photos.

Greenway  We did a little Tour de Castleford through the city centre, managing to avoid roundabouts completely, up to Cutsyke.  Very recently opened is another old railway line now an excellent cycle path – see photos.

Bapps Wraps & Rolls  This nice café kindly stayed open for us, and we all enjoyed our food – see photos.

Open Up!  The canal route to Leeds is pleasant and in good condition – see photos.  A frustrating point is at Thwaite Mills where you have to carry bikes up and down steps on a bridge.  If only a cycle path by Thwaite Mills could be created it would be so nice!

Rowers  We saw the university rowing team training on the river near the waterfront apartments – see photos.  The Leeds to Castleford riverside is becoming gentrified!

Conclusion  Castleford is very nice (especially the Greenway).  Worth a visit!