M&S Plan A ignores cyclists?

The M&S food store in Guiseley doesn't have cycle stands. It does though have a massive car park. You could try chaining your bike to the trolley racks but this would get in the way. 

M&S advertises its environmental and ethical morality. Food is sourced sustainably, their lorries are nciely rounded to reduce fuel consumption etc, but should you actually want to spurn that most environmentally disasterous choice of the motor car, in Guiseley at least, you are out of luck.

The campaign has emailed M&S about this and will post their response. In a bid to remain equitable perhaps others might like to do the same. Most stores have email feedback options. A simple question: where do I lock my bike? We'll collate the responses, and maybe post a Top Ten Best (and worst!) Places to Shop By Bike in Leeds. Very simple low effort campaigning - please help.