Call the cops - a meeting with West Yorkshire's Road Policing team.

The most commonly sited reason for not cycling is fear of traffic. Some of this fear can be overcome by familiarity. The first time you hear a bus or lorry grinding up behind you can be intimidating but when it passes sensibly – wide and slow – your realise that with a bit of common sense and mutual respect there is room for us all to share the road.

Leeds City Council's Cycle Consultation Forum

Leeds Cycle Consultation Forum is your chance to engage directly with the Council on cycling. The Agenda will probably include NGT (trolleybus), the Cycle City Ambition project and cycling superhighway, as well as plans under development for other cycling schemes around the city such as Regent Street and Cookridge Street and the long term Leeds Cycling Strategy. All welcome!

Once an agenda is published it will be available to download from this page.