A-frame splits up family

A photo of handlebars not able to fit through an A-frame


A lovely A Frame on The Lines in Allerton Bywater near to the Millienium village. Unable to get my cycle though, could do it if I was willing to wrench my gear levers off. Really stupidly placed as my young 5 year old whizzed through, whilst I ended up having to cycle round the block to catch up. Luckily my eldest daughters cycle did fit through and she could catch her little sister!



The Campaign meets regularly, usually every month. We tend to get the official business out of the way first, then open things up to get stuck into our active campaigning - detailed agendas are circulated before the meetings. We're an inclusive bunch, so we plan to rotate the meeting days and locations so as many people as possible can come, plus we get to cycle around the city and 'experience the facilities'.