Vision workshop 2

It's easy to become negative and disillusioned when you are faced day in, day out, with with poor facilities, intimidating junctions and aggressive drivers - but it doesn't have to be like this. Leeds Cycling Campaign is developing a vision for what Leeds might look like in the future, something very different to what we have now and a whole lot better for cyclists. We held our first workshop a week or so back where we threw everything we could think of onto flipcharts.

A-frame splits up family

A photo of handlebars not able to fit through an A-frame


A lovely A Frame on The Lines in Allerton Bywater near to the Millienium village. Unable to get my cycle though, could do it if I was willing to wrench my gear levers off. Really stupidly placed as my young 5 year old whizzed through, whilst I ended up having to cycle round the block to catch up. Luckily my eldest daughters cycle did fit through and she could catch her little sister!