Skills required

We are always looking for people to help the campaign and bring their own skills. However, sometimes we are after some skills in particular, details below!

Website Developer

We think we have a decent website (the one you are looking at!), but there is so much more potential to turn it into a tool for people to use, rather than just read.

Leeds Cycling Question Time 2017

Ater a successful Cycling Question Time for the 2015 general election, we will again be running one for the 2017 General Election.

This will be a chance for members and local residents to put their cycling and transport related questions to representatives of the 6 main parties standing in the Leeds seats.

The event will be chaired by Pete Zanzottera (Pete Z), a Leeds resident who often attends the All Parliamentary Cycle Group, and who works as a Leeds based sustainable travel consultant. 

The proposed format is as follows (subject to minor changes)