A multitude of Rail based consultations

Leeds Station Entrance

West Yorkshire Combined Authority are consulting on proposed changes to the station entrance.

Improvements would include: (From Press Release)

  • Pedestrianisation of New Station Street and relocation of the existing taxi rank to Bishopgate Street.
  • Improving accessibility through the installation of two passenger lifts from Bishopgate Street to the station entrance on New Station Street
  • Environmental improvements to Neville Street and Dark Neville Street including enhanced lighting, road surface and pavement treatments and urban art installations
  • Installing high quality cycle infrastructure on Neville Street, and improvements to cycling infrastructure in surrounding communities
  • A high quality 700-space cycle hub with electric charging points at the station
  • New commercial space to be built within the cycle hub land

For further information and to respond to the consultation please click here.

Improvements in cycle parking at stations

The Department for Transport’s Cycle-Rail Working Group (now run by Sustrans) are inviting urgent suggestions for improvements to cycle parking provision at railway stations from all the train operating companies (TOCs). This follows the announcement by Chris Heaton-Harris MP , Minister of State at the Department of an additional £2.5m for the Cycle-Rail Fund in 2020/21.

Funds must be bid for by mid-February for allocation in April and only TOCs may apply. New or additional parking must be on the station property.

If any member is aware of a station operated by Northern (or the DfT OLR from 1.3.20) or First Trans Pennine Express (TPE) which is in  need of new or additional provision in the shape of Sheffield stands, racks or shelters (preferably with some notion of where these might be located), please email brief details immediately to:

Charlie French (for TPE -run stations):  Charlie.French@FirstGroup.com

Craig Alexander (for Northern-run stations):  Craig.Alexander@Northernrailway.co.uk

If you are not sure who operates the station, or it is operated by Network Rail, please contact Les Webb at les.webb227@gmail.com.


Trans Pennine Express - Bike Reservation Indicators

The advent of on-train reservation indicators for bikes provides TPE with the opportunity to rethink the way in which reserved spaces are shown onboard. The new system provides for spaces to be indicated as booked (red light), booked for part of the journey (amber light) or unreserved (green light). TPE are seeking feedback from users on the best way to utilise the facility on new trains to indicate reservations. The existing arrangements for booking bikes remains unchanged, including at the booking office or via social media immediately before travel. However, pre-booking some time ahead obviously offers advantages to cycle-users planning a trip who need to be certain to have a reserved space. The options identified by TPE are:

  • Option 1: 4 cycle spaces reservable up to 15 minutes before TRAVEL with no reservation information displayed on the train;
  • Option 2: 2 cycle spaces reservable up to 15 minutes BEFORE TRAIN DEPARTS FROM ORIGIN with reservation information displayed on train and a further  2 cycle spaces reservable before travel with no reservation information displayed on the train; or
  • Option 3: 4 cycle spaces reservable up to 15 minutes before train  departure from origin with reservation information displayed on the train in full.

Please respond directly to Charlie French at TPE (email address above), copied to contact@leedscyclingcampaign.co.uk  by mid-February