Space for Cycling

For information about our 2017 Space for Cycling Ride please click here.

The remainder of this page concerns the earlier Space for Cycling Campaigns.

Do you want safe space for cycling on our roads and streets? Then join the National Space for Cycling campaign!

Following the success of the campaign, Councillor James Lewis and Councillor Richard Lewis have declared that the Labour group of councillors in Leeds: that is, the ruling majority of the City Council, support the Space for Cycling campaign! This is great news so the next step is to implement Space4Cycling as a council priority.

The national S4C steering group (including London Cycling Campaign, CTC, Cyclenation and local campaign groups including Leeds Cycling Campaign) have agreed that Local Authorities who wish to support the Space for Cycling campaign can do so by making a firm commitment to:

  1. Set a target to increase cycle trips as a percentage of all travel by a set date, in line with the Get Britain Cycling report’s recommendations (10% of all trips by 2025)
  2. Prepare a map of a comprehensive cycle network for the local authority area, along the principles now being followed by Welsh local authorities under the Active Travel (Wales) Act 2013.
    This involves identifying where trips could be made by bicycle, identifying where those trips are made to and from, and planning for a comprehensive cycle route network.
  3. Identify where this network falls short of best practice design standards (such as the Wales Active Travel Design Standard, London Cycle Design Standards or equivalent local standards).
  4. Prioritise a core route network for early investment.
  5. Producing estimated costings for both the core network and the comprehensive network. Both the existing and proposed networks should be included in all future planning documents.


So far, 19 Leeds Councillors have signed up to support the campaign! You can view them on a map here.

Cllr Colin Campbell (Otley and Yeadon, Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Richard Lewis (Pudsey, Labour, and Executive Member for Development and the Economy)
Cllr Sue Bentley (Weetwood, Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Lucinda Yeadon (Kirkstall, Labour)
Cllr Barry Anderson (Adel and Wharfedale, Conservative)
Cllr Neil Dawson (Morley South, Labour)
Cllr John Illingworth (Kirkstall, Labour)
Cllr Alison Lowe (Armley, Labour)
Cllr Terry Wilford (Farnley and Wortley, Green)
Cllr Karen Bruce (Rothwell, Labour)
Cllr Judith Chapman (Weetwood, Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Jonathan Bentley (Weetwood, Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Bill Urry (Roundhay, Labour)
Cllr Stewart Golton (Rothwell, Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Roger Harington (Gipton and Harehills, Labour)
Cllr Ryk Downes (Otley and Yeadon, Liberal Democrat)
Cllr Gerald Harper (Hyde Park and Woodhouse, Labour)
Cllr Kevin Ritchie (Bramley and Stanningley, Labour)

If any of your Councillors aren't listed here, Click here to contact your local Councillors right now! Fill in your details, and then click on each Councillor's name to personalise the email.


If you want to chivvy them along with a bit of local competition, why not write something like this:

"Dear Councillor X,

I am writing as a resident in your ward who wants our Council to provide safe Space for Cycling.

A map is now available showing which Councillors have signed up, and it would be great if you could add your name!

Please sign up to back Space for Cycling at

Leeds is currently investing in the CityConnect program and aiming to capitalise on the legacy ofthe Tour de France. Councillor Richard Lewis says that Leeds CityCouncil supports the Space for Cycling campaign, but only 19 Leeds councillors have lodged their support so far.

You can read more about your local residents’ priorities at"


You could also include a local S4C priority in your area, or explain what Space for Cycling means to you: cycling with family and friends, freedom and independence, a nicer place to live, wellbeing and exercise, access to jobs and facilities... Cycling ticks all the Council's boxes!


What is Space for Cycling?

Leeds is calling for action on six key themes. These connect with the priorities in our Manifesto and Vision:

  • Safe Routes for schoolchildren
  • Reduction of traffic volume, creating streets without through motor traffic
  • Protected space on main roads and safe cycling through major junctions
  • Safe cycling in parks and greenways
  • 20mph speed limits creating safe space where people live
  • Liveable town centres


Read more about the Space for Cycling priorities and see local suggestions from our members

Read more about the National Space for Cycling campaign, coordinated by CTC


What will the campaign involve?

We are writing to local councillors to ask them to support Space for Cycling. You can start now by contacting your local councillors. Just click the Councillor's name to personalise the letter with your own Space4Cycling request. Is there a park in your area where families should be able to learn to ride? A busy road crying out for a safe cycle path alongside? A rat-run for vehicles that should be a safe space for cyclists and pedestrians?

What events are planned?

We're having another Big Bike Ride on Saturday 6th September!

We held a Big Bike Ride on Saturday 17th May, which was a fantastically successful show of support for the Space4Cycling campaign, involving a spin around the city centre and a leisurely ride out to Kirkstall Abbey. We made local news on Calendar and BBC Look North as well as articles in the Yorkshire Evening Post, Yorkshire Post and RoadCC. You can see photos from the ride by visiting our facebook page.

More big rides have happened recently in Manchester and Birmingham to coincide with the national party conferences and a ride also took place in Newcastle.