Cycling Consultation Forum Subgroup - 6/2/19

A bumper edition of the Subgroup.

  • Housing Infrastructure Fund
  • East Leeds Orbital Route Design Approaches
  • LPTIP - The Headrow Gateway

Downloadable Agenda

Please email if you would like to attend.

Brief Report

Martin Stanley and Peter Sheaf attended on behalf of the campaign. Also in attendance was Colin Noble from Sustrans.

Housing Infrastructure Fund

This is a pot of money available from central government, into which local authorities can bid for money in order to make sites more attractive for housing developments. This could include the improvement to access, and the public environment around the proposed development sites. The plans we saw were very early stage, but it was clear that cycling is being included in these access arrangements. The bid has to be in by mid March, so we will be expecting to observe the detail of these schemes if the funding is awarded.

East Leeds Orbital Road

Planning permission for the scheme has been granted, Although this refers to the red line boundary of the plans (for purposes of land acquisition etc.) From our point of view, much of the scheme specifics are still up for discussion. We viewed outline plans for the proposals, In, the main cycling provision is good, with a bi-directional protected cycleway provided away from the main dual carriageway. However, significant deviation from the desire line was required to cross some of the roads that lead to ELOR so this was highlighted. The Junction with the A64, which is the only largely signalised junction on the whole route, would benefit from cycling and pedestrian underpasses.

The campaign is looking for members that are interested in monitoring and consulting with the developers on this scheme. The committee are able to offer guidance and advice to any members interested. As it is such a large scheme we feel it would be beneficial to have a dedicated group looking after it. If you are interested and/or would like more information, please email

Members may also be interested in the January edition of the ELOR newsletter that is produced by the city council, and the ELOR website.

LPTIP (Leeds Public Transport Improvement Programme) - Headrow Gateway

We were shown the latest plans for the Headrow improvements. These are primarily focused on improving the area for pedestrians and bus users, however it has been possible to incorporate improvements for cyclists too. In general we were very supportive of the proposals that incorporate bidirectional protected cycleways for large parts of the route. 

NPIF (National Productivity Investment Fund) - Ring Road Cycleway

Further details about the scheme can be found here. We were shown updated plans from those seen at the link. In general it features. 2.5m bidirectional protected cycleway, 2m footway. Many of the treatments at junctions will be temporary, as these will be dealt with under schemes going in in the next 3 years.

The Cycle Consultation Subgroup is monthly meeting where members of the campaign are shown pre-consultation drawings so that we can hopefully influence positive design for cyclists at an early stage. We are looking for members that could attend on behalf of the campaign. An interest in the infrastructure aspects of cycle campaigning would obviously be a positive! If you are interested, please email A full list of upcoming meetings can be found on our calendar.



Wednesday, 6 February, 2019
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