Ride Report

Ride Report - Bradford / Dewsbury Triangle (15th March 2015)

Bradford – Dewsbury Triangle

This ride of 11 people had a mix of old and new faces (both in terms of age and experience cycling with the LCC rides).  Navigator was Steven, Steve Jones helpfully took some photos as usual.

Firstly we set off along the canal towpath.  The city centre to Kirkstall part is smooth and pleasant as we knew, it was the new surface between Kirkstall and Rodley that we wanted to investigate.

Ride Report - Castleford (8th March 2015)

Castleford (28 miles), started 9.30am City Square (Photos here)

Steven S led just four comrades – there was another cycling event on in Leeds this morning to compete with.   Rob the cycle-friendly train driver was also there at the start to give us support.

The Lines  At Allerton Bywater we used another section of The Lines, a nice cycle path – see our photos.

Ride Report - Sherburn (1st March 2015)

Sherburn (25 miles), started 9.30am City Square

Steven S stepped in to cover for Jon F who was ill.  Nine of us met by the Black Prince statue.

Storm and Zig-zag  The bridge over the Aire at Bridgewater Place was closed due to the stormy conditions so we crossed at Crown Point bridge instead.  Then after re-crossing by the glass factory we used our favourite little zig-zag link to get up to Cross Green.