Easy Ride to Armley on Sunday 27 December 2015

Since the Easy Ride on Saturday 26 December was cancelled due to torrential rain another Easy Ride was organised for Sunday 27 December.

The destination was the Real Junk Food Project Cafe in Armley which serves a wide variety of meals, teas, coffees, cakes etc. all from food that would otherwise go to waste.

It was mild, dry weather in contrast to the flooding we saw in the city centre and Kirkstall road.

The ride went well and recommend the cafe as a regular Easy Ride destination in future.


On this Easy Ride we saw the the cycle route by the Armouries and past South Accommodation Road completely underwater, and also flooding at Kirkstall.

On the plus side the lunch at the Real Junk Food Project Cafe was reallly good.  They have improved this cafe now with better service, more choice and more efficient organisation overall.  We would recommend this as a great place to visit and to support a good cause.