Police respond to tacks on Meanwood Valley Trail cycle path

As you may have seen on our facebook group or on twitter, there were reports on Thursday of tacks being deiberately left on the Meanwood Valley Trail cycle path. It appears that several people ended up with puctures as a result.

Anyone who commutes along the Meanwood valley cycle path - Beware - helped a cyclist out who had a drawing pin in her tyre there this morning. Now I find I have one in MY tyre, which I can only imagine I got from the same place - someone's idea of a joke, I think!1 pic.twitter.com/HEPzer675H

— 8486 Ali Mac (@WYP_8486AliMac) December 7, 2017

Allan Luxton, valiantly went and picked them all up:

https://t.co/JbcFuDfsH5 Super Allan, one of our members, has now picked up all of these (150). Hopefully police will take seriously. Had potential to cause serious injury. https://t.co/JbcFuDfsH5

— LeedsCyclingCampaign (@LeedsCyclists) December 7, 2017

We have been in communication with PC Ian Micklethwaite from West Yorkshire Police, and he confirmed that they are taking the following actions:

I will be contacting Street Cleansing to get a the cycle lane swept as well.

We will be conducting extra patrols both uniform and plain clothes.

We will be looking at taking positive action for criminal offences such as criminal damage / endangering road users.

Thanks to Ian and West Yorkshire Police.

If anyone sees any more across Leeds, please do report by calling 101.