ELOR advance works (Updated)

UPDATE 4/9/2016

We will be meeting with highways on 7/9/2016 to view and discuss amendments to these junctions. Details here: http://leedscyclingcampaign.co.uk/node/1324


There is an article in the Yorkshire Evening Post today, which state that work will begin in early 2017 on three junctions in order to speed up traffic in advance of the East Leeds Orbital Road (ELOR) scheme.

These junctions are:

  • A6120 / Park Lane in Roundhay
  • A6120 / A61 in Moortown and Stonegate Road
  • A6120 / King Lane in Moor Allerton

There are currently no plans available on the council website, although it seems they need to get a move on if they are to achieve the timeframes below. There has not been a formal public consultation yet.

Designs for the proposed improvements have been developed and will be subject to a separate consultation exercise later in the summer with construction planned in 2017 in advance of the main ELOR works.​

However we do have some shots of preliminary designs that were taken at a recent subgroup, and they are not good. 

It is worth noting that there is a long term aspiration of the council to have a protected cycleway alongside the ring road. Now would be the ideal opportunity to make sure it is integrated into each of these junctions. Leeds city Council are demonstrating that they still do not comprehned thatit is possible to increase the capacity of a junction by enabling people to move to more efficient modes.

Please contact your councillors, and say this is not good enough.

A6120 / Park Lane in Roundhay 

This is a huge expansion of the existing junction, with only narrow painted lanes provided for cyclists at the run up to the junction. Pedestrian facilities are poor with two stage crossings at every arm.

A6120 / A61 in Moortown and Stonegate Road

A mammoth junction. Cyclist are expected to navigate the junction using shared toucan crossings, which are phosed to prioritse motor traffic.There are some sections of protected cycleway, but these generally run arund the periphery of the junction and do not help those that are wanting to go throught the junctions.

A6120 / King Lane in Moor Allerton

Another mammoth junction, with little to help cyclists. There has been no attempt to close off any arms of the stongate road junction. Appalling