East Leeds Orbital Route Advance Works Update Meeting

UPDATE 7/9/2016:

Martin Stanley attended a meeting with the scheme designers.

Shown updated plans for all three junctions that feature more provision for cycling with protected cycle ways around many of the junctions and connecting the Stonegate Road and Ring Road junctions. These are a definite improvement although all crossing movements are achieved using toucan crossings which are away from desire lines.

Looking at the junctions, you would not know that there is a cycle superhighway planned to go through them all. All that is provided is a 5m strip of land on the south side of the ring road that could be used for it in the future. However, some of this 5m strip sits on steep banked land that will likely be prohibitively expensive to build on. Surely it is more cost effective to do ths work in one go?

Public transport doesn't fare any better. There are no dedicated bus lanes, although bus transponders will activate the traffic signals.

The designers of the scheme are working to a brief, and that comes from Leeds Transport Policy. Criticism should be directed towards them for continuing to go down the blind alley of increasing vehicle capacity. £12million is the budget for these three junctions alone.

Plans are not public yet, but it is expected that these will be available on the ELOR website by 16th September 2016. The campaign will then be able to formulate an official response. It is expected that these junctions will be put out for tender early in 2017 with construction beginning in summer 2017.

We are looking for people who know the area to help us formulate a response when consultation plans are released. Please get in touch using contact@leedscyclingcampaign.co.uk if you are able to contribute some of your time and knowledge.


We will be meeting highways to discuss updates on the plans shown in this article.

If you would like to attend, please email contact@leedscyclingcampaign.co.uk as there will be limited space.

Wednesday, 7 September, 2016
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